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tv   Second Look  FOX  October 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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bond, james bond. up next on a second look, a half century of james fond films. we talk to the actors who played james bond, revisit the gadgets that saved him and take
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you back to san francisco. all straight ahead on a second look. good evening and welcome to a second look i'm julie haener. tonight we're talking about bond, james bond. october marks the 50th anniversary of the original bond film dr. know in 1962. it put stashing and dangerous 007 on the screen for the first time. there's been 20 bond films, the longest standing show. roger moore starred in the largest number of bond films and was in san francisco in 1985 for the only bond movie that up until that time had premiered outside of london. it opened at the palace of fine arts and ktvu randy shandobil brought us this report on its premier. >> i would like to proclaim this day as 007 james bond day here in san francisco. >> reporter: mayor dianne feinstein acted as sort of a
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cheer leader for the new bond movie outside of city hall. why is our highest city official pushing a movie? well here's the reason, a stunt man parachuted down to city hall today to present the mayor with a check for $100,000. the money will be used to fund two child care centers in the tenderloin. the $100,000 comes from more than 1,000 people plopping down $150 a head to see the world premier on a view to a kill tonight at the palace of fine arts. about 500 teenage girls screamed their adolescent heads off when the couple of the year appeared, moore and feinstein. roger moore's leading lady and grace jones who plays a villain
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in the movie. >> i think it's wonderful. i think the enthusiasm is fantastic. listen to them. >> reporter: but the teenagers were here to see rock stars duran duran who wrote the film's music. the producers of a view to a kill held the premier in san francisco to thank the city for cooperating with the filming of the movie. there were massive logistical problems staging a fire at city hall. a chase down market street. >> not this way that way. >> reporter: and the climatic fight atop the golden gate bridge. >> we're standing by live at the hard rock cafe in san francisco where a postpremier party just getting under way
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behind us. i think you just saw grace jones entering the hard rock cafe. the streets and sidewalks around this oh so trendy restaurant and bar are hanging around. you can't see them because police are keeping them across the street to keep them protected. duran duran just appeared, that seems to be who everybody is here to see tonight. ktvu's nancy kerr first brought us this report. >> reporter: toy cars being used to map out the chase sequence. at the same time an army of extras was being brief on their role. then there are the cars. >> we're using something like for this sequence only we must have something like 70 background vehicles, plus the action vehicles which the fire
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engines we have two fire engines and we have something like 12 police cars all some roll over, some bash into the back of others. some we just photograph close up. but they are all supposed to be matching. >> reporter: a bay area man is responsible for much of this. 32-year-old charles gibb stanyon owns his own production company but in this movie he's working with the prop department. >> i'm very excited to see the quality of people involved with this movie that come to san francisco. one of the largest budget films to come this way in a long time. >> reporter: stanjon spent a lot of the night getting these vehicles ready for the filming. they were pain stakingly painted and altered to look like police cars. the drivers of the police cars along with the fire truck are not the real thing either. they're part of the french stunt driving team of julian.
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including the one with the long blond hair. she is really a he. a stunt double for one of 007's female friends. >> roger moore is not here tonight and there's no telling how long his crew will be here after four hours what you just saw is the first piece of footage on the camera. no telling how long he'll be here. >> the final climatic scene of a view to a kill was a fight on the golden gate bridge. the producers wanted to throw a dummy off the bridge but bridge officials wouldn't let them so they improvised. dangling a stunt double. claude moore noted that the film star roger moore was nowhere around. he was in his knob hill hotel resting. one of the favorite parts of the early bond movies was the gadgets and the man behind the gadgets was of course cue. in 1998, chuck media talked to the actor who played cue about the role and about the devices in the bond film.
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>> a new pet cue. >> if 007 ever bothered to read any memo you would realize this is a prototype of a highly devisive -- >> you had no idea it was going to lead to this. >> no, no. i don't think anybody did. no. >> did you follow james bond? >> no i didn't. there was a strip cartoon of it i remember in one of the papers we had in england. i remember thinking. i wonder if anybody is going to make a film of this because it really was good. >> did cue always have this relationship with james bond where they bickered back and forth about the devices. >> no that was really the director guy hamilton. because in the first film i just present the little briefcase if you remember. >> right. >> and in gold finger which is my second one. when bond comes in at the
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rehearsal i got out. and they said no, no, no. don't take the notes to do. this is james bond you know. he said no you don't like him because he returns all your gadgets. >> he breaks all of them. >> right. >> welcome to japan. is my little girl hot and ready. >> look 007 i had a long and tiring journey probably for no purpose. i'm no mood for your juvenile quips. >> what is this? >> now that is a gadget which i don't think really works. because most of the gadgets do work. but this is one that really does work. it's one that i was telling you about. >> this is where james bond is getting his danish lessons. >> that's the ericson and i mean it has absolutely everything. you press buttons i'm not quite sure which ones. >> some of those buttons.
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>> and the scores come up there, your e-mail, oh anything that you want. if you press the right button up it comes and you can buy those at the shops. >> no kidding. >> reporter: and there was a telephone and it rang and those days you had bleepers in your pocket. you used to go to the telephone. sean goes to his car and you expect him to drive off. but no, there in the telephone in the car is an ericson telephone. just an ordinary one you know. just like it would be in the house. >> right, right. >> now 20 years later -- >> that was mind boggling then to have a telephone in the car. >> even it took nelly 20 years before they got a telephone. now you can see you can buy on the shops. >> the james bond songs. you mentioned -- >> my favorite of all is loui armstrong. you have all the time in the
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world. >> no kidding? loui armstrong did a james bond song? >> yeah, you have all the time in the world. they had a memorial to kevie broccoli. and they were showing a montage of his life. loui armstrong was singing you have only time in the world. i don't think there was a dry eye in the theater. >> that's wonderful. >> tell us about brocli he was behind the concept of james bond. >> he was a wonderful man, terrific producer. a sure thing about cubie that here i was playing a very small part, a small part actor. and there on the set to greet me was the producer. i never met a producer in my life. have you met a producer? >> no. >> they were always these gods in the attic or wherever they live. but there he was. and he was always on if set. always helpful. and i adored that man.
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>> it was his sense of bond that carried through the bond movie. >> he really kept it going all along. and terrance was the director because he was a bond type. >> still to come. a look at one of the fascinating gadgets. the jet pack and the answer to the question can i get one. that's a bit later. but first, we sit down with the first james bond, sean connery. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again?
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[ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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tonight we're taking a second look back at 50 years of james bond movies. of the six actors that played bond the most famous bond was the first one, sean connery. movie reviewer schaub scott traveled to talk to connery about his career. >> when ian fleming gentleman spy first appeared on screen no
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one could have predicted the characters' impressive decade of success. the first movie had modest budget of $1 million. but thanks largely to sean connery's appearance. the son of a truck driver, connery was helping to support his family by the age of 9. at 16 he enlisted in the navy but was discharged after six years due to stomach ulcers. connery bounced from bricklayer, to life guard and he fell into acting after a whim. >> i was working in cambridge
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and theater and it was very good television parts then in britain. >> he's a cab driver i tell you. >> by the mid-50s, connery was appearing in films but they certainly weren't classics. >> i can't swim can you swim? >> no, but they issue a life belt. i've seen it in the newspaper. everybody on board gets a life belt. >> reporter: connery says if it wasn't for the bond films he probably wouldn't be acting today. >> i probably would have moved on because i always drifted in my life. >> reporter: when success came, he shared his wealth with his homeland by giving generously
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to the scottland theater. >> how would you describe scotland. >> general lack of pollution because of the river and the sea. and you're from san francisco. you were born and raised in california. yeah well you have a lot of that too. you're near the sea. and not as -- it's not as bountiful here you know. >> reporter: connery's production company was named fountain bridge after the neighborhood where he was raised. >> what has been your greatest challenge? >> i think everything one does ends up being some kind of challenge. >> when we come back on a second look, pierce brosland talks about playing james bond. a bit later it was more than a movie trick. this jet pack actually worked
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tonight we're paying tribute to the james bond film, since they started there's been 52 of them. ktvu's bob shaw talked to him about his role as james bond. >> stop, stop. it isn't finished. stop. stop. eight months ago london england. springtime tourists gathering on tower bridge above the river tim view a sight they never expected to see. pierce bronson shooting the latest sequel of the james bond film. >> that must be one of the great things about being an actor. not just that you are paid very nicely for stuff you like to do
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but you can do things illegally down the center of london that you would other wise be arrested. >> that's one of the great joys of doing this character or of being an actor. the boat sequence on the river is great and i knew how to handle the boat so that was a huge benefit. a lot of the sequence was me. >> it's huge, it's tremendously difficult scene because you're taling with water, you're dealing with a chase down the middle of london no one has ever tried that before. >> reporter: we're here in london on one of the largest sets ever constructed where they are now filming the world is not enough. >> action. >> reporter: aarriveed -- i arrived on the set where the crew and actors still had three months of work. >> i'm having a good time. >> i know that. >> if one is having a good
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time, hopefully goes across to the audience. >> reporter: psychologically, was it easier the second time out of the gate than the first? >> not leading up to it. it wasn't. not leading up to it. there was -- there were moments that kind of angst ridden moments like oh my god i'm going to do this again. i think i had a quiet break down moment before doing this one. can i do it, can i get out there and do it. we have 25 weeks here of filming. i was sick as a dog before the film started. i had 102 temperature. nasty flu that was going around london. so you have expectations of yourself and you have doubts and all those fears that actors go through. am i going to be good enough all that nonsense. but yeah. >> because the first one was a big hit. >> because the first one was a
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big hit you want the second one to be bigger, better, as great as all those expectations as you put upon yourself. then you get out there and you're on the set and you look over and you see the director. you realize it's his first james bond but it's your second james bond. and he's panicking and you know what you have to do. and it's a huge action sequence and there's no dialogue. you run from here to there, don't fall down and don't embarrass yourself and look like you can be james bond. because you find yourself as a character being pawned and you think, who am i kidding for god's sake. what am i thinking here. let's spawn the music. okay, good. bond. >> reporter: after recently seeing the completed film. i had one more question to ask bond himself. >> finally you have a love
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scene in the film with garceau. but bond is still wearing his watch. what's up with that? >> timing, breathing, timing. >> your alarm goes off and you're off. >> thank you darling, come again. >> i have more women to please. >> yeah. >> when we come back, on a second look. the story of one of the all time favorite bond movie gadgets. the personal jet pack. ed in a ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter. nytime y goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you, visit
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but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. we're taking a second look tonight at 50 years of james bond movies. of all of the gadgets the favorite was a jet pack. how realistic was the idea of a personal flying device? in 1999 ktvu's bryan ban miller
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looked for the answer to that question. >> reporter: it has always been a dream, a personal flying machine. to carry a pilot to a smooth landing. in the 20th century many have tried to build such a fantastic device. few have succeeded but so far no one has succeeded well. >> i think it's a god given sense of wanting to be free like a bird. >> if they have the feeling of flapping their wings powered by some system. >> where you can just fly from here to there. >> reporter: bond, james bond was the first to publicly demonstrate a personal flying machine. in thunder ball, sean connery's
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stunt double flew a rocket belt to escape from a gun toting villain. though bond is fiction, his rocket belt was real not the product of movie special effects. engineers at bell aero space built a belt in the early 1960s. but it had problems it ran on highly explosive hydrogen peroxide fuel. was extremely noisy and ran out of fuel in only 20 seconds. bell aero space even made a two man model. >> they did work and they created all sorts of interest by the population as a whole. the range it had a very dangerous chemical that it used all prohibited from being used further: >> reporter: the american rocket belt company in texas built a new hydrogen peroxide
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belt. it was flown publicly only once at the 1995 celebration of a houston rockets nba championship. but the belt has been missing ever since. and chances of finding it are dim. adding to the mystery, one of the developers was the victim last year of a still unsolved homicide. in the 1950s, hiller aviation built a flying platform it used a propeller mounted beneath the engine. it proved to clumsy for practical use. hiller also developed the camper. it assembled in five minutes and flew up to 60 miles. but it flew only two flights and required a trained helicopter pilot to fly it. so did it really look like a jetson's fantasy or will jet packs always remain just a pie in the sky.
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>> it did have lots of these things for commuting from your home to your office. you would better be in the bomb shelter business because there'll be a lot of them falling from the sky. >> and that does it for this week of second look. i'm julie haener, thank you for joining us.


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